Nav Uttarakhand ( नव उत्तराखंड ), is a group of young, passionate and dedicated minds who loves to work for social welfare, development and awareness programs for Uttarakhand to financially support the socially deprived and needy people of Uttarakhand. We at Nav Uttarakhand always love to arrange events, awareness programs / seminars in rural and urban areas, disaster management programs and other activities for the development and growth of Uttarakhand.

It is a non-political, non-religious organization working for the holistic development for the People of and in Uttarakhand.

Nav Uttarakhand arranges various educational seminars for the people like on computer education, health education, child education and also information on sanitation, tourism, agricultural activities, water utilisation, electricity consumption, road and transport.

We at Nav Uttarakhand also educate them on medical plant cultivation, organic farming, animal welfare, environment awareness, water issues, health issues, how to help people in case of natural disaster like flood and famine etc.

Our Objective:

Nav Uttarakhand is a collaborative group effort to provide fastest Uttarakhand information’s and updates from different-different parts of Uttarakhand, And to promote our culture, business, careers, travel, education, jobs, property, music, entertainment, sports, youth, societies, social awareness and tourism in Uttarakhand and across the World.

It is also an initiative to bring back the people of Uttarakhand to their homeland to see the growth of Our Uttarakhand.

Nav-Uttarakhand is a social initiative first for all our Uttarakhand Peoples and then second we think about promoting business relates to Uttarakhand’s different-different sectors.

With an objective to promote Uttarakhand via Nav-Uttarakhand over the Internet, Nav-Uttarakhand Community Portal have an array of exciting features for interaction and the creative exchange of ideas and resources. Instead of all Separate Communities belongs to Uttarakhand there will be a single wide community “NAV-UTTARAKHAND”.

We will work for all segments of Uttarakhand and promote Uttarakhand in a very significant manner, We will also do all efforts to promote Uttarakhand in “World Wide Web” (www) through electronic and social medium and will give this group the edge above all other competitive business fields and communities.

We Demand:

We are keen to serve the people of our community and hope our effort in this regards will be well accepted by our community and the people of Uttarakhand. We deserve your help to make our effort a success by informing others about this Web Portal – WWW.NAVUTTRAKAND.COM.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to highlight all works, developments, and issues (Via : Raise your Issue Section) in Uttarakhand. Also we will give knowledge and aware people to all initiatives by the Central or State Government on various fields like Education, Culture, Travels, Hand-looms, Handicrafts, The burgeoning tourist trade as well as the High-tech industries of the state and many more..!

And then we will proudly say “Experience the feel of Uttarakhand with Us”.

Our Vision:

Our goal is to create the best “Web Portal and APP” through an exciting way for Uttarakhand to bridge the distances with 21st -Century technology. As the electronic communities transition into the community portal, there will be some changes in the organization of the association, but end result will be a more dynamic sense of community.

We will encourage you and all to look for the exciting developments to come in Nav- Uttarakhand’s online presence.

We Request You To Get Involved :

Nav Uttarakhand is a social organisation so we always relies on the generous support of Foundation Members, Corporations and all “Individual Peoples” like YOU, If you are willing to join and want to share your views:-

You can Join us – Just by contacting us at, we would love to here from your. THANK YOU – Have A Nice Day Friends !