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Nav Uttarakhand compelling content and trusted multi-platform network attracts a loyal, upscale, and UN-Duplicated audience. Advertise option offers advertisers an exceptional opportunity to connect to unique audiences otherwise unreachable. With over 1 Lakh visitors in a trusted environment.

Nav Uttarakhand advertising offers a great value to brands with the ability to target their commercial messaging using different categories and search keywords. This will help you to connect with our exclusive visitors through various Advertising models like Standard Banners, Category Sponsorship and Innovations.

We reach a broad, values based demographic with coverage on news, sports, culture, travel and insightful editorial that covers relevant and current topics of uttarakhand.

Advertising with Nav Uttarakhand is easy as 1-2-3. Choose the AD-BANNER option below that best fits your advertising needs:

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Medium Rectangle
  • Width : 300 Pixels
  • Height : 250 Pixels
  • Size : 30KB

The medium rectangle is the most served banner size on Google’s display networks. It captures a third of all served advertise ad impressions.


Large Rectangle
  • Width : 336 Pixels
  • Height : 280 Pixels
  • Size : 35KB

The large rectangle is bigger version of the medium rectangle.

Advertise with Nav Uttarakhand

  • Width : 728 Pixels
  • Height : 90 Pixels
  • Size : 30KB

The leader-board is the second most served banner format on the display network, Just one percentage point behind the medium advertise rectangle section.


Wide Rectangle
  • Width : 350 Pixels
  • Height : 100 Pixels
  • Size : 30KB

The rectangle is a particularly interest ad format because it has shown the third highest growth rate (40%) among the top 10 banner sizes.


  • Width : 300 Pixels
  • Height : 100 Pixels
  • Size : 25KB

The rectangle is a particularly interest ad format because it has shown the second highest growth rate (70%) among the top 10 banner sizes.


Here are a few other available banner sizes in Nav Uttarakhand Portal:
  • (Small) Mobile Leader-board: 300×50
  • Square: 250 x 250
  • Sky Scrapper: 300 x 600
  • Sky Scrapper: 160 x 600
  • Sky Scrapper: 120 x 600
  • Small square: 200 x 200
  • Vertical rectangle: 240 x 400
  • Large leader-board: 970×90
  • Large mobile banner: 320 x 100
  • Billboard: 970 x 250

Nav Uttarakhand Advertising Policy :

We strive to uphold the following advertising practices:
  • Safety: We follow the highest industry standards and only work with trusted advertising networks to reduce the risk of advertising viruses, adware and malware.
  • Trust: We avoid advertisers whose products or services are predatory.
  • Values: Advertising content should reflect our values which include: integrity, civility, morality and respect for all people.
  • Users & Advertiser Experience: We do not allow advertisements that are designed to intrude, encroach or invade the users experience without user action or permission.
We recognize that we are not perfect and we invite our users to help us follow our advertising policy.