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What is "Nav Uttarakhand" ?

Nav Uttarakhand is a group of young, passionate and dedicated minds who contribute and loves to work for social welfare, development and awareness programmes to financially support the socially deprived and needy people of Uttarakhand. They arrange awareness programmes / seminars in rural and urban areas, disaster management programmes and other activities for the development and growth of Uttarakhand.

It is a non-political, non-religious organization working for the holistic development of the people in Uttarakhand.

Nav Uttarakhand arranges various educational seminars for the people like on computer education, health education, child education and also information on sanitation, tourism, agricultural activities, water utilization, electricity consumption, road and transport. They also educate them on medical plant cultivation, organic farming, animal welfare, environment awareness, water issues, health issues, how to help people in case of natural disaster like flood and famine etc.

Why should I contribute to / become a writer for "Nav Uttarakhand" ?

While many individuals may have a blog or want to start one, few people can properly afford the time and effort to build up a decent readership and many good writers often fall by the wayside because of this.

“Nav Uttarakhand” contribute section aim is to offer any writer a well publicized shared platform to which they can make the occasional contribution. This allows a writer more time to research the topic that interests them and put together an article that they can be proud of [avoiding the late-night rushed blogging that so many of us suffer from]. In addition to this the editor will edit your writing, provide you with feedback and generally aim to make you a better writer. Any articles you submit via contribute section to “Nav Uttarakhand” will be posted with your profile which will provide an excellent and professional online portfolio of your work.

I heard "Nav Uttarakhand" was aimed at attracting young writers ?

Anyone of any age can become a writer for “Nav Uttarakhand”. However, We want to give a platform to younger writers in particular because so often they bear the brunt of negative media portrayals or indeed political decisions without necessarily having any real right of reply. Furthermore, young people are so often disengaged with so many important issues because they mainstream media is not necessarily interested in making these issues accessible or relevant to young people. Perhaps a new generation of younger writers can engage with a new generation of readers.

How can I offer my services ?

If you are interested in writing and posting some article for Nav Uttarakhand, Then simply send your writing to with Your Full Name, Email ID, And Phone No.

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