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Indian Army Recruitment Procedure for Open Rally for the post of GD, Clerk/ Store Keeper, Tradesman, Technical, Nursing Assistant, Education Havaldar: All candidates who are desirous of getting enrolled in the Indian Army as JCO / OR are required to apply online using official link given in Army Open Bharti Tab in Latest Jobs Menu. After registration candidates shall follow instructions as given out and apply for the selected trade for which they are eligible. The candidates shall be given a date and place for conduct of Physical and Medical tests, the procedure for which is enumerated below……..

Recruitment Procedure:

General: As part of the screening process, candidates will be tested in Physical Fitness Tests (PFT).Physical Fitness Tests (PFT) is mandatory and will be carried out for all categories during the screening process of recruitment to assess the candidate’s physical ability and courage.

Test: The following tests will be concluded under Physical Fitness Tests (PFT) :

  • 1.6 km run for Endurance.
  • Pull Ups on Beam (Under Grip) for Strength.
  • 9 feet Ditch for Courage.
  • Zig-Zag Balance for Agility.

Marking System: System of awarding marks for various categories are as under.

Ser. No Category Physical Fitness Test (PFT) Maximum Marks Remarks Zig-Zag Balance 9 Feet Ditch
1.6 Km Run Pull Ups
(a) Soldier (General Duty) 60 40 Qualified Qualified
(b) Soldier Clerk / Store Keeper Technical / Technical / Nursing Assistant Qualified* Qualified # -do- -do- Candidate required to qualify only. However entries of marks obtained to be made in Manual Board Proceedings and RMDS.
(c) Tradesmen 60 40 -do- -do-
(d) Havildar Education / Havildar Survey Automated Cartographer Qualified* Qualified# -do- -do-
(e) JCO Religious Teacher Qualified $ Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable
(f) JCO Catering * Qualified* Qualified# Qualified Qualified
(g) Direct Havildar (Meritorious Sportsmen) 60 40 Qualified Qualified
* – 1.6 Km run in max 6.20 mins.
# – Min 6 Pull Ups
$ – 1.6 Km run in max 8 mins
1.6 Km Run:

  • For Soldier General Duty Only
  • Upto 5 mins 40 secs – 60 Marks (Group I)
  • From 5 mins 41 secs to 6 mins – 48 Marks (Group II)

For All Category less Soldier General Duty Only:

  • Upto 5 mins 40 secs – 60 Marks (Group I)
  • From 5 mins 41 secs to 6 mins to 20 secs – 48 Marks (Group II)
  • Above 6 mins 20 secs – Fail

Provisions for Extra Time for 1.6 Km Run for Hilly Terrain Areas Timings applicable for conduct of 1.6 Km run in hilly terrain will be as under:

  • Upto 5000 feet – As per paragraph 4.
  • Between 5000 feet to 9000 feet – Additional 30 secs extra given to each group.
  • Between 9000 feet to 12000 feet – Additional 120 secs extra given to each group.

Pull Ups on Beam (Under Grip):

he marks for pull-ups on beam will be awarded as under:

Ser. No No of Pull Ups Marks
(i) 6 16
(ii) 7 21
(iii) 8 27
(iv) 9 33
(v) 10 40

Min 6 Pull Ups are required to be done for the candidate to pass.

Weightage in MeritPerformance of individual for Soldier General Duty, Soldier Technical / Clerk / Store Keeper Technical / Nursing Assistant and Soldier Tradesman will be taken into account while awarding bonus marks as given below:

  • Soldier General Duty – Physical Fitness Test (PFT) + Common Entrance Examination (CEE) marks
  • Soldier Technical / Clerk / Store Keeper Technical / Nursing Assistant -Common Entrance Examination (CEE) marks. However, the individual should have qualified inPhysical Fitness Test (PFT).
  • Tradesmen with Aptitude Test – 30% Physical Fitness Test (PFT) marks + 30% Common Entrance Examination (CEE) marks + 40% Tradesman Aptitude Test marks.
  • Tradesmen without Aptitude Test – 60% Physical Fitness Test (PFT) marks + 40%Common Entrance Examination (CEE) marks.
  • Tradesmen Musician – 50% Physical Fitness Test (PFT) marks + 25% Aptitude Test marks + 25% Common Entrance Examination (CEE) marks.

Havildar Education and Havildar Survey Automated Cartographer – No Weightage. However, JCO Religious Teacher / Catering / Direct Havildar Sportsman (Meritorious Sportsman) should have qualified inPhysical Fitness Test (PFT).

Aptitude Test: Aptitude Test In order to ensure that the individuals being selected in the tradesmen category are suited for the job, which they are expected to perform, it is desirable that at the screening stage itself the candidates are subjected to an aptitude test. The aptitude test is conducted for candidates of artisan and traditional trades. Aptitude proficiency test will be conducted as specified in Appx to IHQ of MoD (Army) letter No 62506/Rtg 5(OR)(A) dt 20 Sep 06. Need for adhering to the policies laid down for conducting Aptitude Tests is mandatory. For Soldier Tradesmen it is reiterated that, the physical fitness tests constitute a vital input about a soldier’s potential / aptitude.

The Screening Board will conduct Tradesmen Aptitude Test at the rally site itself, as it is a pre-requisite for the individual to qualify before he is allowed to appear in the Common Entrance Examination (CEE). Soldier Tradesman category who are declared fail in aptitude test and are in Permanent Unfit (PUF) /Temporary Unfit (TUF) category, they will not go for further review medical exam and medical slip will not be given to such candidates. This will also be applicable for Soldier Tradesman (Musician) category.

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