Sep 24-25 Uttarakhand’s Apple Festival in Chanakyapuri, Delhi

Apple Festival

Uttarakhand’s Apple Festival to be held in Uttarakhand Bhawan on 24-25th September Chanakyapuri, Delhi, Spare some time from your busy schedule and visit to savour the famous sweet apples of Uttarakhand at an event. The Chief minister of the state Mr. Harish Rawat will inaugurate the event with state horticulture minister Pritam Singh Panwar..

The festival, to be held in Uttarakhand Sadan campus in Chanakyapuri, will display different varieties of apples grown in the hill districts of the state and they will also be put on sale. Interestingly, also on sale will be honey, tea, silk clothes, fragrant items, and other products unique to the state.

“It is hardly known to people outside that apples are also grown in Uttarakhand. We have to ensure that these varieties are recognized like the apples of J&K and Himachal Pradesh. The festival is an attempt to spread the awareness about Uttarakhand’s Apples,” an official said.

Also, organic products from the upper reaches of Uttarakhand are seen to hold a good business potential. Honey is one of them, grown by farmers and villagers in the hill districts and recognized by experts as unique. Uttarakhand’s experiment with tea cultivation is new but rapidly gaining recognition.
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