Above 700 dengue cases cause great fear in Dehradun

dengue fever
A doctor checks patients suffering from dengue fever at a government hospital -Ref Photo
Above 700 dengue cases in Dehradun cause great fear among-st the people, The department has finally directed officials to hire daily-wagers for sanitizing the city on behalf of health department and take control of the situation. We are planning to purchase more equipment and planing to deploy more staff on field for dengue larvae source detection, Says Health Department of Uttarakhand. Meanwhile, 12 staff members of Doon Medical College, including Doctors, Nurses and Lab Technicians are also struck by the vector-borne disease.
The hospitals have been asked to increase the number of beds and people have been requested to donate apheresis platelets.However, residents say that the decision has come too late and the health department has failed in controlling the outbreak. On one hand, the department is blaming the municipal corporation for not conducting fogging, while on the other hand, the corporation claims that its workers are fogging as per the priority list shared by the health department.

According to sources, the department barely has two fogging machines and hardly any staff is available for fogging.

“Health department’s fogging machine is hand-enabled and they are fumigated for a few minutes only in areas where they organize camps. Forget about other parts of the city, health department is totally relying on corporation to do the fogging. They are ones actually responsible for source detection and killing of larvae as they get huge finance for it from both centre and state,” said a senior official from municipal corporation.

The Chief medical officer of Dehradun, Y S Thapliyal, said, “Considering the spread of dengue, we need to fog inside the houses. Locals need to play an active in this regard and spray insecticide inside their houses. Department cannot go to each and every house and its terrace to find out stagnant water and source detection. We have been directed by the top brass of health to hire workers on contractual basis to conduct in-house fogging and spraying larvicide intensely in areas that are reporting majority of cases. The process will kick start very soon.”

Meanwhile, the former state head of AAP Anoop Nautiyal on Wednesday sought resignation from health minister Surinder Singh Negi due to rising dengue cases.

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