Gomukh falls in Bhagirathi River in Uttarakhand


A portion of the Gomukh glacier in Uttarkashi district is believed to have broken off during the past couple of days. Though State administration officials are not saying much on this at the moment, it is learnt that a team of scientists and officials are being sent to the region for ascertaining the extent of the break.

Sighting of what were seen as glacial pieces from Gomukh carried by the Bhagirathi river till Gangotri on the weekend elicited attention of the Gangotri national park officials who along with scientists conducting study at Bhojbasa en route to Gomukh, have stated that a piece considered to be of the Gomukh glacier is likely to have broken away.

The proportion and extent of damage to the glacier has not become known yet and is expected to be ascertained in the coming days with the team of scientists and personnel expected to do the needful within the period of one week. Presently, the scientists believe that factors like climatic changes and global warming had caused a rise in the pace of melting and caused cracks on the glacier.

Rainwater accumulating in these cracks is believed to have caused the piece of glacier to break away from the main body. However, the exact status of the Gomukh glacier, extent of damage and other important factors will be ascertained only after official teams inspect and report on their findings in the coming days.

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